Junior YEAR

Wow. Who would have thought spring 2020 would be how it is. I am fortunate that I was able to have an amazing two months in Copenhagen before being sent home due to the corona virus pandemic. I made some life-long friends and was able to get in a lot of travel before the program ended. My classes abroad were all super interesting and I'm so glad I was able to finish them (except Pregnancy, Birth, and infancy in Denmark, probably my favorite class, but my professor is a midwife and had to help with the pandemic in Denmark.) My other classes were Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development, Psychology of Leadership, and Epigenetics and the Environment. 

Junior fall in college is a lot less stressful than junior fall in high school. No standardized testing and college visits; that's all done, thankfully. This fall I decided to stop rowing as it was not bringing me joy anymore. Instead, I explored so many other activities around me. I joined two dance groups at Tufts, started doing hot power yoga nearly everyday, and started working at a local bagel shop. This was also probably my favorite semester academically as all my classes were super interesting and I had a bit more flexibility in choosing them. Organic Chemistry (my favorite class at Tufts), Intro to Psychology, Quantitative Physiology, Molecular Biotechnology, and  Probability and Statistics.