Spring semester always flies by so much quicker than the fall! For the time between semesters I took time to relax at home. I took a mini vacation to Rhode Island to visit friends, and went on a day trip to NYC! I also worked at an up-and-coming rowing company, Hydrow. Back at school I took five classes again but this time around, they were more in depth biomedical engineering courses: Genetics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Some highlights from the semester include: the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, visiting Alexandra in Chicago, meeting Quinn XCII, seeing Hamilton, and getting selected as a Laidlaw Scholar. 


Fall semester was a tough one, but luckily I had my friends close by. This semester I bumped my course schedule up to five classes taking Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Statics & Dynamics, and Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. A lot of intro classes to ensure that I have a good foundation before heading on to more difficult engineering courses. This semester I  lived in a suite with 9 friends! It's super awesome being so close to my friends and always having someone to do homework with or to hang out and play video games with. A big highlight of the fall was signing a lease for our house next year! 

Sophomore YEAR